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  1. Discover methods of improving Search Rankings on Google

    Find out information on how to improve your Google Search Engine Rankings at Stapler SEO

    There are many ways in which a company can look to improve their rankings on google and in turn drive more sales. Its well known that if you are not on page one or two you probably are not going to be seen. As a business in the modern world, the Google ranking is a major platform in kick starting business success and basically all companies rely on search ranking to drive sales. As this is the case it is strongly recommended that companies explore the world of SEO and find someone that can make their business grow. But back to recommendations later, as we first need to dive into how best to get your page ranking increase so you feature number on on Google.

    Firstly you will need to implement an SEO campaign, which can feature a number of different methods of improving search ranking. For example on page and off page SEO will drive more traffic to your site and increase your page ranking. However included in these parts of SEO are key drivers such as back linking, blog posting, content updates and creation as well as navigation and ease of use and good site structure. Making sure your site is up to date, easy to use for the consumer and google crawlers, as well as having relevant content, will not only make your target consumer more likely to click, but also more likely for google to trust and rank your site higher.

    Other avenues to higher page rankings may be to create and post regular social media and relevant blog content on external pages. Making sure you have great content on and off your page as well as links to and from your website, will certainly help to build your trust score with Google. You might also integrate articles and editorials, as well as press releases to garnish your Search Engine Optimisation plans. These are some simple ways in which companies can improve their page ranks and make sure they rank higher on the Google Search Engine.

    For more information and to improve your search engine rankings, discuss your plans today with one of the SEO team members from Stapler SEO. See our services we have to offer and make your business grow with Digital Marketing and SEO from Stapler SEO.

  2. Why your company should implement a Re-Marketing Strategy

    What is Re-Marketing? and  Why is it important for your business?

    Re-Marketing is one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers who are more likely to purchase products from your business. The Target Audience for your business are customers who are most likely to buy from your store, which means that marketing solutions such as Re-Marketing, that market towards customer who have recently visited your store or similar stores, are very likely to purchase as they are already looking for the product. When a customer visits your site or another site selling similar products, a Re-Marketing campaign will then serve advertisements from your company to these customers who have recently viewed these items.


    This means that the advertisements you create are more likely to reach the target audience you are looking to target as the ads are reaching customers who have already been looking for your product. This can also mean that the customers you are targeting are already in the purchase stage, and it is likely they are very close to making a purchase, and therefore your advertisements are more efficient and effective. In essence, the Re-Marketing campaign makes for a more targeted and cost-effective way to promote your business, and it also means that advertisements are reaching the right consumers, who are not only looking to buy but are also more likely to make a purchase.


    With Stapler SEO, we can design a Re-Marketing campaign that can follow the footsteps of the consumer, so you can track their movement and strike at the time when they are more likely to buy. With STAPLER SEO Re-Marketing campaigns, businesses can achieve the most cost-effective solution to attracting more consumers and bringing more results to your business. Achieve a higher return without the hassle by choosing Re-Marketing with Stapler SEO and get more leads, more sales and overall achieve more profits.